From the Archives: February Bag of the Month Club! - Published March 27, 2015

Hey there and happy Friday! Have you heard of the Bag of the Month Club? It's pretty fun - for six months you get six bag patterns from six different designers, one a month! On the first of the month a new pattern shows up in your email, and then you can make it and share your pictures on the Facebook group or Flickr page. Kris and I decided to join because we figured it would be give us a lot of bag sewing practice, and we could use some of our fabulous fabric for the bags! 

Kris and I have been trading months, so February was my month. The February Bag of the Month is the Hyacinth Bag by Sew Sweetness (aka Sara Lawson)! The bag is a fun messenger style and features some pockets and a groovy flap.

Here it is, hanging out on a tree!


So far, the only bags I have made have been pretty basic tote bags or zipper pouches. I haven't sewed too much with heavier interfacings or interfacings that need to be sewn in (I am all about fusible!). This bag uses Soft and Stable as an interfacing for the exterior fabrics. It wasn't too difficult to use but was definitely new to me! The nifty front flap here hides a panel that has a few credit card slots and a small zipper pouch. 


I decided to use a red zipper because why not? This was the first time I had made a zipper pocket where the pocket part was inserted into the bag like this. It was a bit tricky, but luckily the flap covers it. 

Here's the back, with yet another zipper pocket!


When I was choosing fabrics for the bag, we had just gotten our big shipment of the most recent Cotton + Steel collection and I knew I wanted to use at least one for the bag. But we also had Doe by Carolyn Friedlander, and that was tempting too! I decided that a simpler print would be more versatile for the exterior of the bag, so I was able to narrow it down to this fab gold and navy Ladder Lines print since it's simple but funky! It also contrasted beautifully with the navy Fern Book from Alexia Abegg's Mesa collection. (Sidenote: I am obsessed with Mesa right now! The colors and motifs are amazing.) 


I love the floral so much that I wish I had figured out a way to put more of it on the outside of the bag, but oh well - another time! The color really are so pretty, and it matches PERFECTLY with the gold Doe fabric. Here is the interior of the bag: 


Fun! I do love opening the bag and having those pretty flowers show up. If you want to join the Bag of the Month Club, it's not too late! Check out Noodlehead's blog for more details, including all of the designers involved. We would love to see your bag creations! Stay tuned for a post on the March bag of the month made by Kris - it turned out SO CUTE!