From the Archives: April Sandwich of the Month! (In May!) - Published May 1, 2015

Well, we didn't quite get our sandwich of the month in April, but maybe it's because I wanted to wait until this beautiful May Day to have a picnic! So in installment 2 of the Sandwich of the Month, I chose to make a simple but satisfying favorite: salami and cheddar with the added magic of potato chips! 

Way back in my college days I worked part-time at a little deli so I got rather particular about how my sandwiches are put together. First, most places put WAY too much mayonnaise on their sandwiches. I like a really thin layer of mayo and mustard and that's it. Also, I will admit to not liking too many veggies on there - they always slip around and a lot of times tomatoes make things kind of soggy (and this is assuming they are in season). 

At the deli, I made my own sandwiches for lunch and this salami delicacy was my favorite. Here's how to make it: 

Start with bread, of course! I like good ol' wheat for this sandwich, since it's kind of mild and lets the saltiness of the salami shine through! Use whatever condiments you like on the bread - as mentioned, a thin layer of mayonnaise and yellow mustard is a-ok with me. Next, cheese: personally, I think the sharpness of cheddar is perfect. For produce, I keep it pretty simple - a little bit of lettuce and red onion. I know not everyone likes red onion, but I love how it contrasts with the salami and cheese. I recommend using it sparingly though! Finally, the best part: a layer of potato chips! Again, use whatever you like but I think Ruffles are the best - they are thick enough to stand up to the other layers of the sandwich and you really get a good crunch! 

So, that's it! This sandwich is a TASTE SENSATION! Obviously, the sodium content is off the charts, but hey, it's not like you're going to eat one every day. Or you could, we won't judge! (Maybe talk to your doctor if you're going to do that.) 

I whipped one up and took it out to Green Lake for a fun picnic this afternoon. Since the sandwich is kind of rich, I like to serve it with some fresh sides, like grape tomatoes and orange slices, plus a few extra chips. Throw in a copy of the new Love Patchwork and Quilting and a Starbucks Green Tea Lemonade, and you have yourself a nice time! 

We'll be back later this month with our May Sandwich of the Month, hopefully in a more timely manner! 

For further reading: If you doubt the deliciousness that is salami, please read this Meditation on Salami by the incomparable Michael Ian Black.