From the Archives: Finish-A-Long Quarter 2 Projects! - Published April 15, 2016

Happy Spring! We hope you're doing some fun sewing projects and enjoying the season. Kris and I have been working on our garment-sewing skills and we will share some results in a future blog post. We post a lot over on Instagram so follow us there for more frequent updates! 

In January, I did a post about some projects I'm trying to finish as part of the 2016 Finish-A-Long that a lot of bloggers are doing. I posted my Q1 results last week, and now it's time for my Quarter 2 project goals! I'll be attempting to finish a few things from last quarter that didn't get done, plus I have managed to start some new quilts. 

First, this darn quilt with the binding that will never get done. This quarter I WILL finish it! There are seriously, like, 2 feet of binding left to do and that's it. 

The priority for this quarter is finishing up this awesome Molehills quilt I started last week. My guild, the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild, hosted Latifah Saafir as a guest instructor for two days, and she taught us how to make her beautiful pattern! I had a great time working on this groovy quilt. I'm making a throw size for a gift so this is one project I definitely want to finish. (Also, if you get the chance to take a class with Latifah, I recommend it! She's a great instructor.) 

Another new project for this quarter is an old quilt that I've decided to revamp. I've had this finished quilt top for a couple of years probably, and I've been meaning to quilt it but just never really knew what to do with it. Recently I realized I don't really love it, so I've decided to go all Victoria Findlay-Wolfe on it, and I've recut it into smaller squares. I'm planning on taking the new squares I ended up with and making them into half-square triangles with a coordinating solid. I think it'll be less busy, and it will make the finished quilt larger too! 

Here we have the Staple Dress that I hoped to finish last quarter. Now that I've been attempting to improve my clothing skills, this shouldn't be a problem to finish, and it'll make a nice Spring ensemble! 

Last but not least is this little Patchwork City mini that I've been working on since QuiltCon 2015. The other items on my list take priority but I really want to get to this! 

Well, that's it for now! I'm looking forward to making some headway on these projects - it always feels great to be able to check something off of your "to-do" list! 

- Becca